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   Details about the money, honey! 

Here are some of the costs smaller, recurring costs you'd be helping with:


  • Libsyn = means I don’t have to learn code and spend a bunch of time figuring out RSS feeds. It’s not that I’m lazy, it’s just that I have a fulltime job and some other stuff to take care of, like laundry.  The fee for the service is based on how much data we use per month. Currently we are on the $20/month plan (400mb) which has enabled us to upload 4 podcast a month.

  • iTunes tunes = how does that beautiful music get into our podcasts and into your ears? I buy it on iTunes! If you like hearing the songs we discuss during the episodes, think about helping us with some dollars so that I can keep making these purchases. I did the math (gasp!) and thus fair I’ve paid an average of $3.35/episode.

  • = I’ll be honest, I’m not sure this service is worth it but I’m keeping it around for now. It’s meant to help fix the audio levels from a less-than-ideal recording situation. It can’t work miracles but I do think it improves the quality of our audio. Its is another service that is based on how much data you input. I currently subscribe to the plan which is $5/month which  = 10 hours of audio a month.


Total cost per month (4 episodes a month) = approx. $38.40

And for our bigger, one-time expenses, Clare and I are recording separately we’d love to increase our equipment and our tech so that we can still make quality audio. A few things that we need to do that are:


  • Zencastr = this service helps us record quality audio even when we are apart. We currently use the free version which has limitations on number of hours we can record and number of guests we can include.  If we upgraded to the $20/month version we would get unlimited guests and unlimited recordings and a bunch of other fun tools!


  • Microphones = we’ve made do without for most of the episodes, but having mics would make a BIG difference, especially now that we’re not in the same place. Help us buy these mics!


  • Recorder = So we do record some of the episodes over the interweb BUT, it’s ideal for us to be in the same place and when we are in the same room we need a recorder. And I have one, but it’s not great guys! Case in point - we recorded a whole episode of WSS with our mother and my recorder just decided, “Nah.” The recording disappeared. If we had another (*cough* better *cough*) recorder, we could record better audio (and plug in actual mics when recording in the same space) AND I could use my current recorder as a backup so we can avoid the heartbreaking incident of equipment failure resulting in the loss of a recording.

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