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Hello and thank you for visiting the Sing It, Sister! fundraising page!






















 To help us with smaller, recurring costs, we ask that you sign up to support us on Patreon at

To help us with larger, one-time/infrequent expenses we ask that you donate to our GoFundMe page at

         Details about your perks!!!!

$2/month or $5 one time = a shout out thank you on an episode during season 2 (unless you prefer remain anonymous - in which case, we’ll try to work something out) and on the website


$3/month or $10 one time = the above + personalized thank you card from us

$5/month or $15 one time = the above + Sing It, Sister! Swag (TBD)

$7/month or $25 one time = the above + we (attempt to) sing a song (from a musical) of your choice on the podcast OR if you don’t want to hear us sing (smart!) we will post a video of us doing the electric slide to a song of your choice. 

$10/month or $50 one time = the above + you get to guest star on an episode with us! 

For further details about how we will be using your donations, click here. 

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