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My role for this project is to mentor and support a cohort of practitioners as they take on oral history initiatives, community digitization events, and other projects to document and share their unique local stories.

Click here to view my presentation at the 2022 ALA Conference discussing this project. 

Archives of American Art: New Deal and the Arts - Transcription Project Manager

I led the effort to transcribe (or  retranscribe) and make available the transcripts for the audio recordings of 100+ oral history interviews done in the 1960s for the Archives of American Art's New Deal and the Arts project.


Oral Historian

During my time at SANC I oversaw the newly created Oral History Unit. In addition to interviewing and archiving responsibilities, I worked on audio projects and created content for use in department publicity and social media programs: 

  • “Connecting the Docs,” Season 1, a podcast created by staff members of the State Archives who examine documents connecting to fascinating, true stories from the past. 

  • She Changed the World Intern Blog Series:  I supervised 2 interns as they created audio blog posts from interviews I had with notable women around North Carolina. 

WI Life_fromAndi.png

Wisconsin in the First World War - Content Contributor

During my time as Oral Historian at the Wisconsin Veterans Museum I partnered with the creator and producer of WPR’s Wisconsin Life to write and produce 9 episodes for the "Wisconsin in the First World War" series using materials from WVM’s collection. 

I coordinated and conducted 3 interviews for the Southern Foodways Alliance project that documented the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on people who work in and around the food and beverage industry.

Image by Oscar Ivan Esquivel Arteaga

Family & Life History - Interviewing, Transcribing, Editing 

I have conducted several life history interviews (some with accompanying transcriptions and/or audio editing) for individual clients. 





Sing It, Sister! is a fun passion project I started with my sister in 2018. We chat about movie musicals: favorite songs, favorite characters, fun facts, with  occasionally some historical or social commentary. Generally we just amuse ourselves and hope to amuse those listening.


Check it out here on my website, or wherever you get your podcasts! 

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